A Joyful Delight

At LALA®, we believe in joyful times with family who are friends, and friends who act like family. We believe that the small, everyday moments are just as sweet as the big “once in a lifetime” moments. We believe that the best surprises aren’t always the big ones.

Sure, a surprise weekend away might be great, but it’s the daily delights that make every day exciting. It’s the surprising delights like an unexpected hug from your kid or it’s running into friends at the store that make life special.

That’s why, since our national launch in 2016, we’ve been hard at work making the best dairy we possibly can – from drinkable yogurt, cup yogurt, milk and Mexican style sour cream. Your favorite LALA products are packed full of flavor and healthy goodness.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner – and every snack in between –  LALA is the perfect joyful delight.

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Born in Mexico in 1950, LALA has been producing high quality dairy products for families for nearly 70 years. In 2005, LALA (who had grown to be the largest dairy manufacture in Latin America) opened manufacturing facilities in the USA.

LALA is rooted in a deep tradition of authenticity and fresh flavors. We’re proud to provide the best yogurt and milk to families across the U.S. and Mexico.

Our Commitment

Our LALA® team is committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that you and your family can continue to enjoy the high quality, delicious and nutritious LALA products you love. We are producing yogurt, crema and milk products at record levels and are working hard to help our retail partners replenish their shelves during this time of high demand. While we continue to monitor this unprecedented and evolving situation and protect the health and safety of our employees, please know that the LALA family is more committed than ever to helping you nourish your family.

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