Chocolala Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk was the drink of your childhood and the comforting flavor you serve to your kids today. Chilled or straight from the cupboard, Chocolala Chocolate Milk packs big flavor with the muscle-building power of protein. As a part of our line of ultra-pasteurized milk, Chocolala is a yummy and nourishing treat to take along for road trips, camping or just to keep handy in your pantry. Drink up, kiddo!

Ultra-Pasteurized Lactose Free Milk 2%

You have an unrequited love for milk. We get it. Sometimes dairy can give you a little burble that can be heartbreaking. Never fear! We’re here to rekindle your romance with milk. Please say hello to our Lactose Free, 2% ultra-pasteurized milk. Our quart-sized milk has a shelf life that lasts longer than most other milks, but it still has all the protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D of whole milk, without all of the lactose. Plus, it has fewer calories, fat and cholesterol than whole milk. It’s always ready for whatever fun activities you have in mind. Fall back in love with milk.

Ultra-Pasteurized Whole Milk 3.5%

Milk you don’t need to refrigerate? Yes, it’s a real thing, and it’s really good. Traveling or hiking? Our ultra-pasteurized milk is smooth, creamy and ready-to-go. One quart has all the protein, calcium, potassium and Vitamin D you expect from whole milk. Get the dairy goodness you need without worrying about shelf life. It’s whole milk that feels right at home both on your cabinet and in your fridge!


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