Curb Orange Pineapple Yogurt Smoothie

Hunger cravings getting in the way of your day? Our LALA Curb Orange Pineapple Yogurt Smoothie is made with the satisfying fiber of whole grains and filled with protein to help you crush your cravings. It’s blended with real oranges, pineapple and our creamy yogurt for a nutritious treat that will help you stay on the go.

Curb Toasted Pecan Yogurt Smoothie

Think you can’t keep going? We think you pe-can. All you need to do is grab a LALA Curb Toasted Pecan Yogurt Smoothie. When you have a hunger craving, drink in the rich nutty flavor of our pecan smoothie that’s blended with whole grains to keep you satisfied and protein to fuel your go, go, go. While our smoothie bottles are actually bigger than a pecan, they are just as easy to carry along on your daily adventures.

Curb Wild Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Berry busy? Don’t slow down because of hunger cravings. LALA Curb Wild Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies have come to the rescue! Whole grains help crush your cravings, while powerful protein gives you the nourishment you need to keep going. Plus, we’ve blended in real fruit to create a rich, sweet strawberry taste. It’s the hunger satisfying yogurt smoothie with fiber that’s good for you, and fits right into your hand, backpack, or purse. Grab one, and go!

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