Plain Cup Yogurt

Plain has never been more exciting. Our flavor wizards have crafted the perfect blend of creamy yogurt with milk to deliver both a delicious and nourishing treat. It has calcium and vitamin A and D for a guilt-free experience. Feel good about yourself the next time you wield a spoon. Is it magic? Try a cup of our plain yogurt for yourself, and we think you’ll become a believer.

Mango Cup Yogurt

Come along on a tropical taste trip! Our mango yogurt is swirling with real pieces of mango in our rich and creamy yogurt. Our sweet island flavor is bursting with the energizing power of dairy goodness. It’s mango yogurt nutrition that awakens your senses and revives your inner get-up-and-go.

Peach Cup Yogurt

Searching for the best tasting peach yogurt? Grab a cup of our spoonable peach yogurt with real peaches. Pieces of sweet peaches are blended with yogurt full of protein and calcium to put a smile on your face and a little pep back in your step. Reach for the peach!

Strawberry Banana Cup Yogurt

Let’s go bananas! We’ve swirled real bananas and strawberries together into our creamy cool yogurt for a sweet sensation. We’ve taken a favorite fruity combination and kicked it up a notch with our tangy yogurt. Just grab a spoon and dig in for the taste you love and the dairy protein and calcium you need.

Strawberry Cup Yogurt

Got a craving for something sweet and creamy? Grab a cup of our satisfying strawberry yogurt. It’s not just any yogurt; it’s LALA’s Strawberry Yogurt! We wrangled those crazy strawberries and mixed in real pieces of Mother Nature’s heart-shaped fruit with delicious protein rich yogurt. It’s a nutritious and spoonable strawberry treat. Indulge your strawberry side!


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